AURZART AZ-130 Digital Piano Weighted Hammer Action 88 Key


AURZART AZ-130 88keys Digital Piano I Fully Weighted Hammer Action 88 Key I Italian Fatar Grand-Response Key I 3 Pedal I Bluetooth MP3 Function I USB MIDI Function I Free Piano Beach

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Aurzart AZ-FK130 is just not a Piano but a Band With You with The 512 Polyphony.

Aurzart AZ-FK130 Piano 

  • Best for Students, Music School, Teacher, & Professional
  • Best For Trinity, ABRSM & LCM Music Exam
  • You can play from Initial Grade to 8th Garde for any Piano Syllabus
  • It's a perfect Upright Digital Paino for any Professional Pianist 
  • A stylish New addition to Digital Piano range-The Aurzart Digital Piano AZ-FK130.
  • The piano has a fully weighted Italian hammer action key & the dynamic curve gives the 88keys perfect experiences for a pianist.
  • The 512 Polyphony creates a multi-layer sound and gives you a rich harmonic sound more polyphony always helps the artist to cross all the limits of his creativity. The shell of the Piano is a Standard Surface Imitation of a wooden layer and a Multilayered Soundboard with a crystal clear LCD display. It weighs 50.4kg which gives you perfect stability while playing.
  • The DSP sound source, Germany Famous grand piano sampling. 10 Layers dynamics, string overtone resonance analog audio technology.
  • The 120 Demo, 100 teaching songs, 156 sounds, 120 Rhythms, with the 3 pedal function, Soft, selected sustain, sustain will help you to practice your piano learning better and faster.
  • AZ-FK130 has CE/FCC/CCC/FOHS Certification,

AZ-FK130 comes with perfect 10 different Touch layers which are best for Piano Recital, Trinity, ABRSM & LCM Exams. No matter if your a Kid, Adults, professional pianist, who will enjoy the experiences with Aurzart digital piano Other function link Metronome/Tempo/Transpose/Tune/Reverb/Local Control/Split/Chorus/ is fun to toggle and explore. The Line IN/OUT or the USB function or the Standard MIDI function allows easy integration into the digital world.

Aurzart 88keys Digital Piano

Italian Fatar Grand-Response Key

Restore acoustic piano real touch feeling

Aurzart AZ-FK130 comes with an Italian FATAR original dynamics Grand-Response key

trends with the hammer-action keyboard. the best use for any beginners piano player or professional Pianist. The Professional key action will amaze the players with a wonderful musical experience because AZ-FK130 features a multitude of quality sounds, accompaniments, and features that will help you and your family enjoy playing the piano more than ever before.

AZ-FK130 comes with a perfect 7 different Touch layers which are best for Piano Recital, Trinity, ABRSM & LCM Exams.

Aurzart Digital Piano 88keys

Keyboard Control Panel

Aurzart AZ-FK130 Series is a carefully designed volume controller which suites for daily use. The Fashion small door, independent speaker structure, three rows of button side control panel., LCD color Italian display screen, push-pull key cover, aluminum alloy handle, folding large spectrum frame.



Aurzart electronic keyboard


Yes, LCD Display

Aurzart AZ-FK130 Series comes with a crystal clear LCD Display. Clean Glass Finish enhances the look of the display. The keyboard has loads of features like Style, Demo, Voice, Accomp. Vol. -/+, Data/ Tempo, Function, Touch, Sound Family, play, Record, Metronome, Start/Stop, Sync. Start, A/Fill 1, B/Fill 2, Intro/Ending, Dual, Spilt. The Piano has everything in a compact design.

Aurzart piano


External Audio Source

Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, Midi

A pianist who likes to compose and write their own music always struggles to record or forget to take a backup, But we have a solution...


  • Just insert a midi cable and connect to your computer and record in DAW what's in your mind listen to them and re-work on them later, don't forget to save your project file.
  • Record a drumbeat in your pen drive or any backing track and play along with it
  • Also record your AZ-FK130 tone in any DAW ( Digital audio workstation) like Protools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason, FL Studio, Reaper, Audacity, etc...

 " There is so much you can do with AZ-FK130 Piano"

Aurzart keyboard piano

The Italian Speaker

The Italian Speaker System technology is designed with a double stereo speaker system comes with 2 woofers 5" and 2 tweeters 2" to provide you a rich sound. Selectable metronome beat and adjustable tempo.







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