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Aurzart Music Stand Height Adjustable Stand With Microphone

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AURZART Music Stand Height Adjustable Orchestral Stand/Notation Stand/Music Sheet Clip Holder Notation Lyrics Stand -Stand With Microphone

Brand Name


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Music stand

Product Name

High-End Music Stand (with Microphone Stand)


High-Quality Iron, High-End Delicate


990 * 1400mm


Suitable for all instruments, With Microphone Stand



Panel Size


It is a high-quality music stand by Aurzart. If you are looking for
music stands for sale at a discounted price, this one is the ideal choice. It is one of the best music stands available in the market. This is a foldable music stand that is compact and solid. its design is based on an antique music stand with elegant looks and modern features. if you are looking for music stands near me, you will not find such feature-rich, high-quality music stands in the market easily, so it is best to order one online. It is one of the heavy-duty music stand available in the market with long life.  This music stand comes with the best microphone stand for studio recording.

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