Aurzart Upright Digital Piano AZ-F80 hammer action 88 Keys


AURZART AZ-F80 Upright Digital Piano I Fully Weighted Hammer Action 88 Key I Italian Fatar Grand-Response Key I 3 Pedal I Bluetooth MP3 Function I USB MIDI Function I Free Piano Beach I 3year warranty and lifetime support guaranteed. 

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The Upright Digital Piano AZ-F80 has an elegant design with a matt finish which can elevate your home décor’.

The Piano has an Italian Fatar 88 Grand-Response Key which trends with fully weighted Nanmu hammer action & dynamic Curve,

The 128 Polyphony creates a multi-layer sound and gives you a harmonic sound.

The piano’s shell material is fiberboard with an Exterior Standard Surface Imitation of Carbon Fiber PVC and a Multilayered Soundboard with a crystal clear LED display. Its weight’s 79kg which gives you perfect stability while playing

The top European sound engine chip has a famous grand piano FZOLF308 sound sample which enhances the sound quality. The 120 Demo Song will help you to practice your piano learning. The analog audio technology resonance 156 sounds.

128GM standard MIDI Function satisfy your entertainment demand it also comes with 17 folk music, 10 series percussion, 1 effect, 5 voice touch Curve

The recording and playing system allows you to record, replay, Maximum notes for one single song is 22000 Control Grand tone.

The sound control has a Dual voice, Double keyboard Split mode point. Effect function has 64 reverb, 64 choruses, 127 tremolos. The Metronome Dynamics click has as per beat,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Tempo: 20-280 BPM.

The Pedal Imitates traditional pedal function, Soft, selected sustain, sustain.

The USB Interface has USB midi pc status can achieving the record saving support of 64 tracks and 16 channels.

2 Power Headphone jack, Line IN/OUT with a Bluetooth MP3 function.HiFi system Dimension 1405*460*1100mm Net weight 79kg Accessories cord, User manual,

AZ-F80 has CE/FCC/CCC Certification,


BULIT IN METRONOME - Work on Accuracy, Fluency & Timing while playing you Piano Lesson

BUILT-IN METRONOME - Work on Accuracy, Fluency & Timing while playing your Piano Lesson

  •  Play your Lesson according to tempo marking.
  • A perfect Dynamics click as per beat,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the tempo range is between 20-280BPM
  • 20 = Grave to 280 = Prestissimo
  • We know how important it is to practice your lesson on the beat.
Bluetooth MP3 Function

Bluetooth MP3 Function

  • Once you pair the Bluetooth with your cellphone, you can play the music from your phone or other Bluetooth units.


  •  Bluetooth option allows you to learn sight-reading from any POP apps. Download any POP apps from the GooglePlay store and explore the world of music.

USB MIDI Function


USB MIDI Function


  • Connect the computer to the USB MIDI Jack in the back inserting plate to get MIDI production function.
  • Line In; Connect the musical instrument to the built-in speaker system & use the piano as a speaker
  • Line Out; you can also use the digital piano as a sound source, (connect it to the external speaker)


A pianist who likes to compose and write their own music always struggles to record or forget to a backup, But we have a solution...


  • Just insert a pen drive and record what's in your mind listen to them and re-work on them later, because the drive will save your work.
  • Record a drumbeat in your pen drive or any backing track and play along with it
  • Also record your AZ-F80 tone in any DAW ( Digital audio workstation) like Protools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason, FL Studio, Reaper, Audacity, etc...

 " So much you can do with AZ-F80"


Headphone Connection

Headphone Connection 

  • Now silently practice with your teacher
  • You Can Connect Standard Stereo headphones except for the built-in sound amplifying system. The headphone jack is in the rear panel.
  • The headphone jack is a mute interface that automatically shuts off the speakers when using it, You can use the volume knob to adjust the sound level.


3 Year warranty of AZ-F80 Digital PianoLife time Support by Team AurzartFree Shipping

AZ-F80 Upright Digital Piano,  Free Piano Bench

Polyphony 128

Weight (kg) 79,

Keyboard Italian Fatar 88 Grand-Response Key trends with hammer action & dynamic Curve, Number of Keys 88

Number of Demo Song 120,

Certificate CE/FCC/CCC,

Size 1405*460*1100mm,

Shell Material Fiberboard,

Soundboard Material Multilayered

Hammer Material Nanmu,

Exterior Standard Upright Surface Imitation Carbon Fiber PVC,

Color Black,

Display LED Sound Engine European top DSP chip

Italian Famous grand piano FZOLF308 sound sample

String overtone resonance analog audio technology

156 sounds with 128GM standard MIDI

17 folk music, 10 series percussion music

1 effect voice Touch Curve 5 piano touch Curve, Default, Light, Standard, Heavy, Touch off

CP program recording and playing system, record, replay

Maximum notes for one single song is 22000 Sound Control Grand piano tone

Dual voice, Double keyboard, Split mode, Split point. Effect 64 reverb, 64 choruses

Metronome Dynamics click as per beat,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Tempo: 20-280per minute,

Pedal Imitated traditional grand piano pedal function, Soft, selected sustain, sustain

Interface USB jack, pedal jack, a Power jack, Headphone jack*2, Line IN/OUT.

Bluetooth YES

MIDI Connect with PC by USB to achieve the music arrangement Sound System HIFI sound system

Dimension 1405*460*1100mm

Net weight 79kg

Accessories Power cord, User manual,


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