AURZART AZ-GP 1100 Digital Baby Grand Piano With 88Keys


AURZART Digital Baby Grand Piano

Please Note: This Digital Piano is only available for pre-booking customers and has a waiting period of 25-55 days; Call us for more details 



  • Exclusive 9' German Concert Grand Piano Sample with incredible 512 note Polyphony
  • Italian Fatar Full 88 note “Grand Response” graduated hammer action keyboard
  • 158 Digitally Sampled Sounds
  • 120 pre-programmed Rhythms to play along with
  • 22,000 note Recording Capability to capture your creativity or help you practice
  • Sound Layering and Split Keyboard Functions
  • Wireless Microphone Capability (Microphone not included)
  • Auxiliary Inputs and outputs
  • 64 Reverb settings & 64 Effects settings
  • Dimensions: Length: 54.5 in
  • Width: 40.15 in
  • Height: 35.25 in
  • Net Weight: 91 kg


    Aurzart's first beautifully crafted digital grand piano in alliance with the world’s largest piano maker.

    The perfect choice for the modern home and wonderful to play.

    Brass style castors, three pedals and hardware, high UV polyester piano black cabinet, two-piece dual-position top lid and retracting key fall. Ultimate style where digital is the only choice.

    Professional sound quality 4th Generation digital sampling featuring multi-layer dynamic curve, string overtone sympathetic resonance simulation, from German famous grand piano sound sampling.

    The incredible AZ GP1100 Digital Baby Grand Piano, is the first model in Aurzart Music World which is highly anticipated with the best quality digital piano that have been under development for few years.

    The AZ GP1100 offers players an exciting musical experience, featuring a host of quality sounds, accompaniments, and features that will help you and your family enjoy playing the piano more than ever before!


    AZ GP1100 controls

    The AZ GP1100 comes packed with industry standard features, such as full MIDI capability, split and layering functions, metronome, song teaching and more. Even with all its digital capabilities, this new piano will impress those desiring authenticity in the touch, piano tone and acoustics of a classic baby grand instrument.

    AZ GP1100 polished Black

    With an elegant high gloss cabinet, this baby grand piano will be the eye-catching centerpiece of any room. Its Static-UV polyester resin application process, the finish is resistant to discoloration or fading. 

    Fatar Grand Touch

    The attention to detail continues with the keyboard, which features Italian Fatar 88 Grand Response action for a true hammer action feel that lets you play exactly as you would on an acoustic piano. 

    The primary piano sound has been sampled with a German Concert Piano

    The primary piano sound has been sampled (digitally captured) from a German 9-foot Concert Grand piano.  Sampling technology allows the choice of an elegant and warm tone or a clear, bright grand piano sound. The GP1100 features 30 expressive, high-quality voices and an impressive number of built-in digital sound effects that can be can be adjusted for brightness, reverb level to replicate the natural atmosphere of a concert hall, and for fullness with the chorus.


    512 Notes of Polyphony

    With an amazing 512 notes of polyphony, twice that of competing baby grand digital pianos. With this expanded polyphony (the number of different notes that can be played at one time), The limitations of yesterday’s digital pianos have been removed by allowing the full experience of playing an acoustic piano with the accompaniment of multiple layers of voices without note drop-off.

     The GP1100 can record and save performances using the built-in recording features, or use the USB/Midi capability to connect the piano to a computer or other external devices. For singing along while you play, you’ll love the wireless Microphone connectivity feature, and guitarists in your family or friend circle can plug in with the Guitar Box feature.

     Whether you are an accomplished pianist or a beginner, there is something for everyone in the new GP1100 Digital Grand Piano!


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