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HXM - HD-006E Bestseller Digital Drum Set

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HXM HD006E(portable stand)&HD006S





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  • · 1 x 10" dual-trigger snare pad
  • · 1 x 8" tom pads
  • · 1 x 2" kick pad(HD006E) or 1 x 6" sensitive and durable kick pad(HD006S)
  • · 1 x 12" dual-trigger crash cymbal with choke
  • · 1 x 12" ride cymbal
  • · 1 x 8" hi-hat cymbal with hi-hat control pedal
  • · Super-Solid iron drum rack
  • · Various inputs jack connectivity to your electronic devices for Audio transmission that enables drummers to play along with their favorite music. And control MIDI signal transmission that allows drummers to play extensive games on their electronic devices. 

Expanded sounds and Premium feels 

Perfect for Practice, Teaching, Rehearsals and Beginners 

The SUPER CLASSICAL HXM 006E/S provides expanded sounds and premium feels with a less-than-expected price. Loaded up with quality sounds, great playability and response, easy-to-use features, and rugged reliability, HXM 006E/S is an ideal drum set for home use, rehearsals, practice and beginners. The dual-trigger snare pad, responsive and durable rubber tom pads, sensitive kick trigger, one dual trigger crash cymbal, one ride cymbal,
a hi-hat cymbal pad and the reactive hi-hat control pedal capture even subtle movements.
HXM 006E/S module is packed with 184 quality sounds, 50 play-Along Tracks and 20 drum kits. The 10 inches snare pad with rim shot offer real drum feel, while the quick assembly design allows for fast and easy setups and tear-downs.