Lemon Drums Cymbal 13" Dual Zone Crash I Electronic Drums


Lemon Drums Cymbal 13" Dual-Zone Crash Cymbal For Electronic Drums

Lemon 13” dual-zone crash with its enhanced sensitivity and suitably weighted ergonomics make it a perfect match for most electronic drumkits available in the market today. The natural motion/feel adds a real-life-like touch to your E-kit. Separate bow/edge sensors help you to attain maximum expression out of your E-kit. These cymbals will deliver realistic dynamics with consistent performance every time you perform behind your E-kit so go ahead and this cymbal to your present setup and add another dimension to your playing.


  • 13" Dual Zone
  • Dual-zone with choke feature
  • One 1/4" output
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Compatible with most Electronic Kits like Roland, Yamaha, etc...


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