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Lemon Drums Cymbal 15" triple zone ride for electronic drum

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Lemon Drums Cymbal 15" triple-zone ride cymbal for electronic drum

Lemon 15" triple-zone ride cymbal for Digital drum 

The Lemon 15" triple-zone ride cymbal provides for a realistic feel and optimum stick response suited for light jazz timekeeping up to heavy-hitting rock gigs. This cymbal is compatible with almost all E-Kits available in the market today and will support two or three-zone cymbal inputs. The individual ¼ inch outputs give precise two-zone triggering for crash (bow/edge) and ride (bow/bell) playing. The outputs in conjunction will provide for an advanced three-zone triggering to cater towards the ride bell, bow, and edge regions. The cymbal features the choke function as well. Add this cymbal to your current setup and take your playing to greater heights.


  • 15" Triple Zone
  • triple-zone with choke feature
  • Two 1/4" outputs
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Compatible with most Electronic Kits like Roland, Yamaha, etc...



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