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LEMON LE30 - 30watts Digital Drum's Amplifier

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Drum Amplifier


LEMON LE30 30watts digital drum's amplifier: 

Lemon LE30 Professional Monitor Amplifier Electronic Drum Amplifier support for Bluetooth connection 


A perfect practice amplifier, but with enough power for the gig

- Portable multi-faceted drum monitor

- Heavy duty components makes it become a must to your live digital drum gigs

50 watts power through a co-axially mounted LF and HF gives you full frequency response in an ultra

- 15’’(Height) by 15’’(Width) by 18’’(Depth)

- 13 KG

- Voltage 220V

- Support for bluetooth connect to your smart devices



The awesome and compact LE30 is the perfect choice for drummers looking for super dynamic sounds with an affordable price.

Specification: 1) Power output: 50W . 2) Material: Durable, high quality metal 3)Dimensions: 380(H) x 380(W) x 460(D) mm. 4)Gross weight: 13 KG(28.66 Pounds)

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