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Lemon T-850 Electronic Wooden Drumkit
Lemon mesh head electronic drum
Lemon wooden  Electronic Drumkit
lemon -multiple support device
Lemon T-850 Mesh head drumkit
Lemon T-850 drums with hihat
mesh head  Drumkit
Lemon 9 piece wooden electronic Drum aurzart
 adjustable drum aurzart

Lemon T-850 Drums 9-Piece Wooden Electronic Drumkit Mesh Head

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Lemon T-850 Electronic Wooden Drumkit 9-Piece All Mesh Head by including an extra cymbal or drum pad, all Mesh Head Drummers can upgrade their Lemon T850 drums.

For audio connection with MP3 players, smartphones, and other Aux-compatible devices, use the Aux-In port. USB host port for cellphones, computers, and MIDI communication

About Lemon T-850 Drumset

  • Dynamic Sound Modeling, brand-new onboard sounds, six preset drum kits, 160 unique sounds, and three songs are included in the sound module Lemon Wooden Electronic Drumkit Mesh Head
  • one snare 12x4" dual-trigger wooden mesh-head snare pad for playing rim shot/cross sticks and positional sensing
  • Dual-trigger wooden mesh-head tom pads for 3 toms, 10x4"
  • 16x8" sturdy and responsive mesh-head kick pad for one kick
  • two 13-inch crash cymbals with twin triggers
  • One 15" triple trigger (edge, bow, bell) ride Cymbal ride
  • a single 12-inch hi-hat cymbal that features a typical acoustic hi-hat stand and provides realistic motion and a genuine acoustic feel.
  • Super-Solid, strong iron drum rack with 1 stand; cables can be inserted into pipes
  • 1 9-volt DC supply 9V 1A to 110-220 volts

The Best Lemon Electronic Drum set for both beginners and experts is the Lemon T-850 Electronic Wooden Drumkit. Among the more affordable electronic drum setups. This 9-Piece Wooden Electronic Drumkit is one of the best portable electronic drum sets online. It is very lightweight. If you're looking for one, you may get this electronic drum kit online.  Click here to purchase this item on Amazon as well.

Specification of the Electronic Wooden Drumkit

Brand Name LEMON
Model Number 850
Drum Heads Material Mesh Head
Drum Chamber Material Wood
Style  Electronic Drum set
Feature 9 Pad Including Bass Drum


Description Specification Quantity Introduction
sound module T-850 1 Dynamic Sound Modeling and all-new onboard sounds,6 preset drum kits and 160 custom sounds,3 songs
snare  12"  1  dual-trigger wooden mesh-head snare pad for positional sensing and rim   shot/cross stick playing
tom  10"  3  dual-trigger wooden mesh-head tom pads
kick  16"  1  sensitive and durable mesh-head kick pad
crash  14"  2  dual-trigger crash cymbals with choke
ride  15"  1  triple trigger (edge/bow/bell) Ride cymbal
hi-hat  13"  1 Hihat cymbal with a standard acoustic hi-hat stand offers realistic motion    and a natural acoustic feel
DC supply  9volt  1  110-220 volt to 9V 1A
stand    1  Super-Solid durable iron drum rack, the cables can be put inside the pipes


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