Lemon T850 Mesh Head Wooden Digital Drum


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T-850 All Mesh Heads Wooden Pads Digital Drum Set 

Model Number 850
Drum Heads Material Mesh Head
Drum Chamber Material Wood
Style  Electronic Drum set
Feature 9 Pad Including Bass Drum



Description Specification Quantity Introduction
sound module T-850 1 Dynamic Sound Modeling and all-new on board sounds,6 preset drum kits and 160 custom sounds,3 songs
snare  12"  1  dual-trigger wooden mesh-head snare pad for positional sensing and rim   shot/cross stick playing
tom  10"  3  dual-trigger wooden mesh-head tom pads
kick  16"  1  sensitive and durable mesh-head kick pad
crash  14"  2  dual-trigger crash cymbals with choke
ride  15"  1  triple trigger (edge/bow/bell) Ride cymbal
hi-hat  13"  1  Hihat cymbal with a standard acoustic hi-hat stand and offers realistic motion     and a natural acoustic feel
DC supply  9volt  1  110-220 volt to 9V 1A
stand    1  Super-Solid durable iron drum rack, the cables can be put inside the pipes


  •  Drummers can expand Lemon T850 drum kit by adding by adding an extra cymbal  or  a drum pad
  •  Aux-In port for audio communication with Smartphones, MP3 and any Aux- compatible devices
  •  USB host port for audio/MIDI communication with a computer, smartphones


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