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Digital Piano with free keyboard bench
AURZART AZ-9 progressive Hammer keyboard
AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys
AURZART AZ-9 Digital Piano
AURZART  Digital Piano display screen
AURZART  5 level of pressure sensitivity
AURZART digital Piano
Digital Piano aurzart AZ-9

AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys and Free Piano Bench

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Rs. 39,500.00
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AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys Fully weighted, AURZART progressive hammer action, 88 keys, MP3, USB, Bluetooth, MIDI, metronome, dual headphone jacks, Piano Beach, additional sustain pedal for stage performances, and a wooden stand are all included with the  AURZART full-size key digital piano.

The long-awaited arrival of the updated digital piano from AURZART is now here; it was by far the most thrilling release in the digital piano industry this year. 

A single sustain pedal can be used with the Aurzart digital piano AZ-9, but there is also an option to use the portable 3-pedal unit or wooden stand with the optional 3-pedal unit extension.

A great bonus that is typically not available with pianos in this price range is the three-pedal unit. With its sustain, sostenuto, and soft pedals, the AZ-9 can therefore carry anyone through the entire grade system and beyond.

With its enhanced tone and feel, the digital piano AZ-9 is the best value on the market, and at these rates, it would be unwise for you to have to give it up. 

The 88-key keyboard on the AZ-9 Digital Piano has been updated and upgraded, and it now has a more lifelike touch than any prior model. This piano is a wonderful option for both amateur and expert players.

This AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys has an extremely high-quality design. It arrives as a stunning, modern instrument that will adorn any home and provide a touch of sophistication.

You can choose to have your new piano come with a foldable stand, or you can elect to have the wooden stand and pedal unit, which would further enhance the piano's lovely look and turn it into a magnificent piece of furniture.

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Features of AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys 

The digital piano has full-sized piano keys and AURZART progressive hammer action, which give the piano a sound similar to an acoustic piano. Specially designed in Korea are indeed the Keys.

  • The 64-note polyphony is up-graded to 128-note polyphony which is perfect for any piece of music and outrivals any other piano in the same price range
  • The AURZART full-size key digital piano has come complete with 200 different voices built-in, including a beautiful Grand piano sound that has been recorded from a concert piano PETROF Grand Piano, string instruments, and several organ sounds.
  • MP3 recorder that allows recording your songs onto a USB pen drive. 
  • The AZ-9 digital piano with a free bench has several digital effects such as Chorus & Reverb.
  • Built-In Metronome - Practice Your Timing
  • USB input for MP3 player or pen drive - Connect Your drive and play the piano to your favorite song, advance playback function with integrated equalizer and recording 
  • Headphone Out Put - Practice Silently without disturbing anyone 
  • USB MIDI INTERFACE - Connect your Chase Digital Piano directly to a PC or MAC & use advanced MIDI features with your favorite recording software such as Cubase, Protocol logic, or many others.
  • Sustain Pedal Input - Connect a stand-alone Sustain  pedal to your piano
  • Pedal Unit Input - Attach the wooden stand unit to add the 3 brass pedals to the piano
  • 2 Built-In Powerful 15 Watt Speakers ensure the best sound of the Digital Piano even at high volume which you can enjoy 

Specification of piano 

 Brand Name


Model Number

The New Facelift AZ-9 Model

Number of Tones 

Upgrade from 128 to 200


Upgrade from 64 to 128

Weight (kg)


AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9 with 88keys Colour



88 Progressive Hammer Action 88 Key

Number of Keys

AURZART Digital Piano AZ-9  88keys 

Number of Demo Songs





Portable size digital piano




Sound Processor; ARM 9 Series

The AZ-9 digital piano with free bench has sound Quality has a powerful sound sources processer which is the ARM-9 series

  • Max Polyphony - 128
  • Voice 8HD Sounds + 130GM Sampled Sounds
  • Percussion Group 1
  • Touch Levels 3/Off
  • Metronome Tempo inbulit
  • Transpose 


  • Headphone Output
  • Auxiliary Output 
  • USB Midi (to host)
  • USB MP3 Player (to device)
  • Sustain Pedal
  • Pedal unit
  • Amplifier Output 15W +15W
  • Supply Voltage 110V - 220V
  • Weight 10.5k Gross

Accessories included in the digital Piano box 

Owners Manual, Music Rest, Sustain Pedal, Power Supply  

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