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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008
Aurzart AZ-ED008 beginners drumset
Aurzart AZ-ED008 soundmodule

Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset

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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset: The Perfect Kit for Aspiring Drummers

AZ-ED008 Electric Drumset Introduction

Are you an aspiring drummer looking for the perfect electric drumset to kickstart your musical journey? Look no further than the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset.

With its exceptional features and high-quality sound output, this drumset is designed to provide an immersive and authentic drumming experience for beginners. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various components of the Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset, its unique features, and why it is the ideal choice for novice drummers.

Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset: Unleash Your Rhythmic Potential

The Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset is a complete package that includes all the essential components you need to begin your drumming journey. Let's take a closer look at each element of this exceptional drumset:

3 X 8" Tom: Versatile and Responsive

The Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset features three 8" toms that offer a wide range of sounds and tones. Whether you're playing soft jazz or rocking out to energetic beats, these toms deliver the perfect response and sensitivity to your drumming style.

8" Mesh Snare (Layered Rims): Enhanced Playing Experience

The 8" mesh snare with layered rims provides an enhanced playing experience. The mesh head offers a natural feel and reduced noise, making it ideal for practicing quietly without disturbing others. The layered rims add a touch of authenticity and allow for rim shots and cross-sticking techniques.

2 X 12" Crash Cymbal (with Edge & Choke): Expressive Cymbal Sounds

The Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset comes equipped with two 12" crash cymbals that provide expressive and dynamic sound options. The crash cymbals feature edge and choke functionalities, allowing you to create a variety of sounds and add subtle nuances to your drumming.

12" Ride Cymbal: Rich and Versatile

The 12" ride cymbal in the AZ-ED008 drumset offers a rich and versatile sound. Whether you prefer smooth and melodic ride patterns or energetic and powerful rhythms, this cymbal delivers exceptional tonal quality and response.

10" Hi-Hat Cymbal: Authentic Foot Control

The 10" hi-hat cymbal is designed to replicate the feel and response of traditional acoustic hi-hats. With the included hi-hat control pedal, you can accurately control the open and closed positions, giving you a realistic foot control experience.

Hi-Hat Control Pedal: Seamless Pedal Action

The Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset features a hi-hat control pedal that ensures seamless pedal action and precise control over your hi-hat cymbal. The pedal's sensitivity and responsiveness allow for subtle nuances in your drumming style.

6" Kick: Compact and Powerful

The 6" kick drum provides a compact yet powerful bass drum experience. Designed for portability and ease of use, this kick drum delivers a solid and punchy sound that adds depth and impact to your drumming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset is specifically designed for beginners. Its user-friendly interface, high-quality sound output, and comprehensive package make it an excellent choice for novice drummers.

Q2: Can the drumset be connected to external devices?

Absolutely! The Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset features MIDI connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your computer, smartphone, or other compatible devices for recording or accessing a wide range of drum sounds and virtual instruments.

Q3: Is the drumset easily adjustable for individual preferences?

Yes, the drumset is highly adjustable to accommodate individual preferences. You can adjust the height and position of the drums and cymbals, ensuring optimal comfort and playability for drummers of all sizes.

Q4: Does the drumset come with any built-in coaching features?

Yes, the Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset offers built-in coaching features such as metronome and practice modes. These features assist beginners in developing their sense of timing and rhythm, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Q5: Does the drumset require any specialized software or apps?

While the drumset can be used as a standalone instrument, you can enhance its capabilities by using compatible software and apps. These tools provide additional sound options, recording capabilities, and drumming tutorials to further enhance your drumming experience.


If you're a beginner drummer searching for a reliable and feature-packed electric drumset, the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED008 Beginners Electric Drumset is an exceptional choice. With its high-quality components, versatile sound options, and user-friendly design, this drumset empowers aspiring drummers to unlock their rhythmic potential. Invest in the Aurzart AZ-ED008 drumset today and embark on a musical journey filled with creativity and expression.



3 X 8" Tom, 8" Mesh Snare (layered rims), 2 X 12" Crash Cymbal (with edge & choke), 12" Ride Cymbal, 10" Hi-Hat Cymbal, Hi-Hat Control Pedal, 6" Kick

Sound Module






Drum Kit

20 Preset Kits and 20 User Kits


40 Songs, Drum Mute

Sound Effect

Reverb, Compressor, Equalizer with Professional DSP Processor


4-Band Equalizer


On/Off, Tempo, Volume, Voice, Time Signature, Tap Tempo

Setup Menu

Back Volume, Play Mode, Auto Power Off, Local, Advance (Sensitivity, Headroom, Peak Decay, Sense time, Trigger Curve, Auto Cross talk, MIDI Note Send, Rim Velocity, Pedal, Snare Rim Split Point), Compressor, Equalizer, Reset

Pad Edit

Voice, Volume, Pan, Pitch, FX Send


15 Songs


Back-light LCD, 2 Row X 16 Characters


12V,1A DC


Headphone (1/4“), Line In(1/4“), Line Out(1/4“),USB, Power, External TriggerX2(1/4“), Trigger Connector Socket

Pad configuration

  • 3 X 8" Tom,
  • 8" Mesh Snare(layered rims),
  • 2 X 12" Crash Cymbal(with edge&choke),
  • 12" Ride Cymbal,
  • 10" Hi-Hat Cymbal,
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal,
  • 6" Kick

Hardware package

  • Rack
  • 4 arm for cymbal
  • 5 clamp
  • Kick drum pedal
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal