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Encourages to start learning music early in life as music makes a marked difference in development of a child's social and communication skills. Exposing children to music lessons early helps discover their innate talent become better musicians in the future.

Piano Classes

The piano is the "Ruler of the Instruments" since its range goes from the most reduced note that you can play on a twofold bassoon to the most noteworthy note that you can play on a piccolo. Did you realize that The piano covers the full range of the symphony ? That is the reason the most well known author's are piano players.

We in Aurzart give our understudies advanced upstanding Piano's to investigate and rehearse in the class.

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Drums Classes

The drums are one of the world's most seasoned instruments. As it is classed as a layer (vibrations brought about by an extended surface) it has conveyed the equivalent customary shape for a large number of years. drumming is known to be perhaps the best type of activity, at times more than cycling, climbing, or weight lifting! Viola Smith is one of the world's most well known female drummers. She is 101 years of age and claims that playing the drums added to her life span.

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Western Vocal Classes

Many children grow up dreaming to be singers. Fewer actually succeed in a singing career. A career as a singer brings a hard life that requires dedication, confidence and competition. Becoming a singer is like a long journey that never seems to end. Singing careers are tough, but they can be accomplished. Training for a singer usually involves voice lessons at a young age. Singers are often categorized according to vocal range such as soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone or bass. If you are serious about becoming a singer, learn what range your voice categorizes under. Though you can extend your voice range through extensive training.

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Guitar Classes

Guitars were not the most popular instruments in the world until early 1900s. Before that, pianos, violins and flute were much more widespread. During middle ages, guitars were used almost exclusively as rhythm instruments. According to many sources, one of the most influential guitar players of all time was Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970).

Join Aurzart for Acoustic, Electric & Bass guitar Classes.

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Violin Classes

The advanced violin has been around for approximately 500 years. It was said to have been structured in the 1500's by Andrea Amati. Playing the violin consumes around 170 calories for each hour. Disregard your exercise and start rehearsing more earnestly ! Violins are mind boggling as more than 70 unique bits of wood are assembled to shape the advanced violin.

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Flute Classes (Newly Introducing)

A flute produces sound when a stream of air directed across a hole in the instrument creates a vibration of air at the hole. The flutist changes the pitch of the sound produced by opening and closing holes in the body of the instrumentTwo main varieties of Indian flutes are currently used. The first, the Bansuri has six finger holes and one embouchure hole and is used predominantly in the Hindustani music of Northern India. The second, the Venu or Pullanguzhal, has eight finger holes, and is played predominantly in the Carnatic music of Southern India. Presently, the eight-holed flute with cross-fingering technique is common among many Carnatic flutists. Prior to this, the South Indian flute had only seven finger holes,  

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