Aurzart AZ 11 Digital Piano I Hammered Keys I Free Bench

Rs. 49,560.00

Aurzart AZ 11 Digital Piano I Hammered Keys I Free Bench

Rs. 49,560.00
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  • Type: Aurzart Digital Piano
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 Brand Name AURZART
Model Number AZ-11
Polyphony 64
Weight (kg) 22
Color Black/White
Keyboard 88 keys hammer action
Number of Keys 88
Number of Demo Song 20
Certificate CE/FCC/CCC
Style Portable
Size 1468*460*400

The AZ-11 EXCLUSIVE TO AURZART Portable Piano brings you a realistic playing feel on 88 Hammer Action Keys at a great price point. It features the same award-winning Hammer Action Keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity. 10 high quality sampled high definition stereo sounds provide you the best sound ever at a price you pay. Perfect sound on stage at home or in the studio.

More than just a Stage Piano. The sturdy stage proof, yet light weight metal casing makes it reliable in any situation, wherever you need to take it.

The 10 different sounds of the AZ-11 are directly accessible through the voice selection panel. Simple and straight forward. You get a good selection of high-quality sounds including two grand piano sounds, two electric pianos, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Chorus, Jazz Organ, and Church Organ, all at your fingertips.

To add more realism to your sound you get integrated digital effects such as chorus and reverb. That lets you emulate even the biggest concert hall and that at home.

The AZ-11 features 2 stereo headphone outputs that let you play the piano silently without anyone else hearing you. Let a friend or teacher use the second headphone output to join you playing. For professional stage use the P-9 also offers you 2 mono 1/4" Jack outputs (L/R) which allow you to connect the piano to a mixing desk or amplifier. Again, this is great if you are on stage or in the studio. The internal speakers won't be muted so you can still use them as your personal monitor.

Become A Composer
The AZ-11 is ideal if you want to start to write your own music. It features a built-in 2 track recorder, which allows you for example to record the music for the right hand first and then play something on top with the left hand. This is perfect for practicing new pieces. Once you have recorded your song, plug in a standard USB pen drive, and record your song in MP3 format. You can then send it straight away to all your friends and family to show them your new song.

The AZ-11 also offers you a microphone input, which is a great addition if you also want to sing along to your piano playing. The piano has dedicated volume control for the microphone to make sure you get the mix just right. This input can also be used with a guitar, jam along to your compositions.

Take Your Piano Playing Out To The World

The AZ-11 is like your mobile recording studio. You can play the piano and sing along to it and record it straight away onto a regular USB Pen drive as an MP3 file. Take your pen drive out, plug it into your computer, and share your songs with your friends.

The AZ-11 can also act as a Plug and Play USB Midi controller - connect the piano to your PC/Mac or iPad and record your next hit straight into your computer. No additional drivers needed.

(Pictured USB Pen Drive not included)

Get the sound of a real grand piano in your living room


  • 88 Fully Weighted Full Sized Keys With Hammer Action For Realistic Piano Feel. It features the same award-winning Graded Hammer Action (GHA) Keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity
  • The AZ-11 comes with a sustain pedal but also has the option to connect the optional 3 pedal unit extension LP65 together with the stand L65. This gives you a very realistic piano feel with Sustain Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal, and Soft Pedal.
  • 64 Note Polyphony - Let's you play up to 64 Notes At The Same Time... This Lets Even Sustain The Longest Note.
  • Sing-Along While You Are Playing the Piano - THE PIANO VOCAL EXPERIENCE - A Brand New Feature In This Digital Piano. Separate Volume Controls For The Microphone Allow You To Adjust The Sound Of Your Voice How You Need It. This Input can also be used with an Electric or Electro Acoustic Guitar. A perfect feature for singer/songwriters
  • This Digital Piano Is Able To Reproduce 10 Different Voices, Starting With A Great Grand Piano Sound Recorded From A Real Concert Grand, String Instruments, And Organ. Enjoy The Benefits Of A Digital Piano. The New Chase Advanced Sampling Technology [CAST] Reproduces The Natural Sound As Realistic As Never Before.
  • A Built-in 2 Track Recorder Lets You Record And Compose Your Own Songs. This Is A Great Feature For All Song Writers Or For Those Who Want To Become one. To take it one step further, you get an MP3 recorder which allows recording your songs onto a USB pen drive.
  • This Digital Piano Has Several Digital Effects On-Board: 3 Different Types of Reverb and 3 Types of Chorus Simulate Even The Biggest Concert Hall
  • Dual-Layer Mode - This Allows You To Layer Two Sounds At The Same Time, Play For Example Piano With Strings On Top
  • Split Keyboard Mode - You Can Split The Keyboard Into 2 Half And Assign Different Sounds To Them. For Example Play Bass Guitar On The Left Hand Side And A Piano Melody On The Right Hand Side. This Is Also An Ideal Feature For Teaching
  • Built-In Metronome - Practice Your Timing
  • USB Input For MP3 Player or Pen Drive - Connect Your Drive And Play The Piano to Your Favourite Songs, Advanced Playback Functions With Integrated Equalizer and Recording

    Technical Specification

    • 2 Headphone Outputs - Practice Silently, Alone or With A Friend Or Teacher
    • USB MIDI INTERFACE - Connect Your Chase Digital Piano Directly To PC Or Mac And Use Advanced Midi Features With Your Favorite Recording Software Such As Cubase, ProTools, Logic, or Many Others
    • Line Output - Need It Louder? Connect Your Chase Digital Piano To An External Amplifier Or Mixing Desk, Ideal For Live Recordings Or Gigs
    • Aux Input - Connect Your Mp3 Player, iPod, or Laptop To The 3.5mm Input Socket and Play To Your Favorite Songs.
    • 6.3mm Microphone Input To Connect A Dynamic Microphone or a Guitar To The Piano
    • 2 Built-In Powerful 14 Watt Speakers Ensure You Can Enjoy The Sound Of The Digital Piano Even At High Volume
    • 17 Kg

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