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aurzart Digital piano fully weighted hammer action AZ-11
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digital piano 88 keys
AURZART digital piano with bench

Aurzart Digital Piano AZ-11 I Weighted Hammer Action 88-Keys

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Rs. 36,629.00
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Rs. 53,865.00
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Aurzart Digital Piano AZ-11 comes with full size 88-Keys which is fully weighted hammer action. You can also find Aurzart AZ-11 on amazon - Click here to view on Amazon. 

The Aurzart Digital Piano AZ-11 comes with 3 pedal unit, power adpator and a piano bench worth 2999INR free.

The digital piano 88-Keys fully Weighted keyboard has 238 different tones like ukulele, drums, bass, Midi, 5-level of touch & etc... 

A broad presentation of several instrument tones, which makes learning music more engaging. 

Players were frequently able to distinguish tone in Chorus & Reverb using the 128-note maximum polyphony. Dual-tone mode : AZ-11's doubles the keyboard sound in the control panel and lets you combine two voices, such as a piano and a drum, to create a new musical composition. 

The panel's audio inputs and outputs, triangle pedal, and sustaining pedal make it ideal for ensemble playing and song composition.

Multi-Media Settings:


  •         The Aurzart AZ-11 Digital Piano has two 25W amplifiers.


  •         MIDI recording mode, an MP3 player, and a backlit LCD screen for clearly displaying chord names and notation and altering tones.


  •          These features make practicing and performing more enjoyable.


88-key multipurpose keyboard; This tastefully designed piano is ideal for composition, rehearsal, or performance.

Highlights of AZ-11 Electric Digital Piano.

With a digital technology that mimics the sound of an acoustic piano.

The AZ-11 Aurzart Piano 88-Keys produces a deeper, richer, moreover more expansive sound for your performance.  study, or creative writing.

The attractive design of the aurzart digital piano full size key  :

  • which has an ABS plastic also wood finish, can improve the look of your home. 
  • The piano includes a customizable touch response Beffa 88-key hammer material.

  • The Beffa Keys have a perfect dynamic curve, fully weighted hammer action, Moreover 128 polyphony, which produces a multi-layer sound, and harmonic sound.

  • ABS plastic makes in addition piano's outer shell, its stand is made of wood. Multifunctional LCD Backlight Liquid Display with exceptional clarity.

  • Even though the digital piano's casing is only 7.5 inches thick and weighs 23 kg, in spite of easy to handle and provides ideal solidity while you play.

  • No matter whose voice you choose to play, the top French Dream Processor Chip provides the highest sound quality.

  • Power Switch, Master Volume, Start-Sync, Metronome, Transpose, Demo Record, Double Keyboard Split, and many other flexible function buttons are conveniently located on the well-designed panel.

  • The pedal imitates classic pedal functionality, including soft, chosen sostenuto and sustain pedal  (moreover you can practice in private with your tutor while using a double earphone interface in front of the piano.)
  • IN/OUT lines. You get an incredibly loud sound from the 25W Speakers on either side of the piano. AZ-11 is CE, FCC, and CCC certified.


The Best sound with 25watts electronic piano
Audio Power Amplifier

The high-quality electric piano sound is produced by the digital piano's two 25Watt speakers. 25W amplifiers will provide you with a richer and better practice and performance experience. You can adjust the master volume to suit your needs.





Electronic Piano Sound source



Outstanding Tone Quality

Digital piano fully weighted hammer action has fully-weighted hammer keys that provide a more delicate touch response when playing, along with 200 rhythms and 238 premium tones. 128 polyphony helps you avoid losing voice when utilizing an 88-key keyboard piano.


electronic Piano comes with 2 Headphone Socket


Double-Earphone Socket

To avoid disturbing others whilst playing, the built-in speaker of the piano will be silenced when headphones are connected. This piano has two earphone jacks into which you can plug two pairs of headphones.




Digital piano durability and stability


Thick & Stable

The Perfectly Designed keyboard on the "New Face Lift" Aurzart AZ-11 Digital Paino is 7.5 inches thick and still portable.

For any stage performance or if you need to transport it to the recording studio, you simply unscrew the top keyboard. You can keep it on any level surface with the aid of the bottom four pyramid bushes.


In conclution The Warp-Up

The 88-Key Aurzart Digital Piano uses cutting-edge digital technology to simulate the sound of an acoustic piano. Best for Trinity, ABRSM, and LCM Exams, Music Schools, and Music Teachers You can purchase it if you're looking for the best digital piano.

The keyboard on this electric piano is incredibly robust. The best electric piano currently on the market, if not the finest. Online shoppers can purchase our digital piano.

This digital piano is the finest for beginners as well as professionals because it has all the capabilities they need. Therefore, if you love music and are seeking the finest keyboard piano for beginners, you might want to take a look at this device.

A digital piano with 88 keys and all the necessary functionality.

This piano's price is very affordable; for the same money, you can purchase a Brand-new digital piano instead of a used one. 88-key musical keyboards are included with this piano.

Professional Musicians can use this Full-sized digital piano, which is just as good as the real one. The best digital piano for Classical Pianists, this Instrument may also be Utilized to make Contemporary music.

If you're seeking digital pianos for sale close to me in India, you can Purchase this one because we ship it there as well.


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