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Aurzart AZ-20 digital piano 88 keys with stand
AURZART-AZ-20 digital piano 88 keys
Aurzart AZ-20digital piano
AURZART-az-20 touch screen piano
Aurzart AZ-20 touch screen piano
Aurzart AZ-20 auto off piano
Aurzart  AZ-20 hammer action
Aurzart-A20 support multiple device
AURZART-AZ-20 touch screen panel
Aurzart AZ-20  Digital piano 88 keys

AURZART Digital Piano 88 keys Fully Weighted With stand AZ-20

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AURZART  Digital Piano 88 keys fully weighted graded hammer action is the first Touch Screen Panel piano in India.| 88 keys fully weighted with stand |AURZART portable digital piano|

One of our best-selling and most well-liked portable digital piano models for beginners is the AURZART AZ-20 Digital Piano 88 keys. The Fully Weighted GHK (Graded Hammer Action Keys) is now available throughout India. The product has a contemporary design, an inbuilt touch screen, and an 88-key full-size keyboard with dynamic hammer action. In the first week of July 2022, the AZ-20 sold 80 units. 

The aurzart Digital Piano 88 Keys fully weighted is the most acceptable alternative if you're looking to get a portable digital piano for a loved one to play at home because it's the best choice for those who value simplicity, high-quality sound effects, and an acoustic touch but are limited by a tight budget. It includes 128 musical instrument sound effects, making it fun for new players to experiment.

The  88 keys fully weighted with a stand offer an automatic power-off feature, an incorporated MP3 player, and a Bluetooth connection, relieving players of the anxiety that they could forget to turn the piano off. It is also possible to remove the bottom panel of this digital piano graded hammer action, which makes moving it much simpler

Highlights of Digital Piano Fully Weighted

  • * Full touchscreen
  • * 88 full-size keyboards with dynamic hammer action
  • * 128 onboard music sounds
  • * Automatic power-off
  • * MP3 player/Bluetooth
  • * Digital metronome & Tempo
  • * Transpose * Digital reverb & chorus effects
  • * Headphone output
  • * USB MIDI interface

Tech specs

  • * Available colour: Black/White
  • * Packing size:1405*430*205mm
  • * Onboard Sounds:128
  • * Polyphony: 92
  • * Transpose: Range from -12 to +12
  • * Touch: Build in 3 types of touch
  • * Metronome:4/4,3/4.2/4,1/4
  • * Speed: Range from 20-280
  • * Reverb: Build in 3 types of reverb level
  • * Local Control: Special design for MIDI edit
  • * Record: Max of 6,000 notes can be recorded
  • * Demo:100

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