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AZ-30 Digital Piano 88 keys Fully Weighted -aurzart
AURZART AZ-30 Digital Piano
AZ-30 Digital Piano graded hammer action -AURZART
AURZART-AZ-30 Digital Piano
AZ-30  touch screen piano-AURZART
AURZART-AZ-30 music book holder
AZ-30 Support multiple device -AURZART
AURZART-AZ 30 Touch screen panel
Digital piano 88 keys-AURZART
AZ-30  Graded action keys

AZ-30 Digital Piano 88 keys Fully Weighted Graded Keys- AURZART

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AZ-30 Digital Piano 88 keys are Fully Weighted with Touch Screen Panel, Graded Hammer Action Keys with Weighted action, and & Classic Outlook.AURZART digital piano-graded keys are the best ones.

 The AZ-30 Digital Piano 88 keys Fully Weighted is our B-Pro Series' flagship product, defined by its cutting-edge touch screen controlling panel, excellent sound effects, dynamic graded hammer-action keyboard, and traditional cabinet style.

Touch Screen

The modern touch screen in the AZ-30 digital piano replaces the conventional button-style control panel, enabling players to easily change settings with a single tap. Having a touch screen allows the players to concentrate on the crucial aspects of piano practice - developing their fingering - rather than being distracted by the myriad buttons on the control panel.

 AZ-30 Digital Piano 88 keys Fully Weighted

Our renowned 88 full-size dynamic hammer action keyboard gives the AZ-30 a touch and feels that is comparable to an acoustic piano.

Our commitment to producing high-quality pianos guarantees that every player receives a consistent, satisfying touch from our keyboards. we have also added three pedals to this piano: a soft pedal, a sustain pedal, and a sostenuto pedal. . This enables the musician to play a diverse repertoire in the composer's intended manner.

Full Cabinet Design

The distinctive cabinet design of the 88 keys Fully Weighted Graded Keys  AURZART  is showcased in its side posts, integrated pedalboard, therefore back panel. When the piano is not in use, a cover that covers the keyboard and control panel can be pulled out.

Full Range of Voices

You can see different varieties of sounds in 88 keys Fully Weighted Graded Keys  AURZART. The grand piano sound, for example, is a multi-layered stereo sample sound that sounds authentic and natural.

The AZ-30 graded action key has 128 musical instrument sound effects, including strings, electric pianos, and organs, making it fun for new players to experiment with. Simply pushing the number buttons on the control panel above the keys allows players to switch the sound type. With its improved 128 polyphony, you can play even the trickiest pieces without missing a note.

The Inputs and Outputs Of Digital Piano 88 keys

The AZ-30 is appropriate for all performance and recording scenarios because it has all the necessary inputs and outputs. With USB MIDI, you may record music using any DAW, including Cubase, Protools, Logic, and Ableton, by plugging it into an interface or computer.

Even while performing as a duo or in classroom settings, practicing in silence is made possible via headphone jacks. You may now play along with your favorite music thanks to the line input, and the line RCA output can be connected directly to a mixer or external speaker.

Additionally, a USB port is available for playing back any audio files through the piano's speakers or saving all recorded tracks as audio files.

 Tech Specifications of az-30 digital piano

* Piano Sound: Grand Piano Sampling
* Polyphony: 128
* Keyboard: Graded hammer Action88 keys
* 128 tones

  Speakers and Power

* Speakers Power output: 25Wx2
* Adaptor Power Consumption: 12V 3A
* Bluetooth 4.0
 Functions of 88 keys fully weighted piano
     * Metronome (Adjustable Tempo/Beat/Tone)
     * Transpose (Keyboard/Song: in semitones)
     * Dual (Effect with two sounds)
     * Split (Split point adjustable)
     * Twin Piano
     * Auto-Off (The piano turns off automatically if you do not use it for more than one hour)
     * Touch (Strong, standard, soft)
     * Tune (-50 to +50)
     * Reverb
     * Local Control (Special feature for MIDI edition)
     * MP3 Player (USB device connected to the piano to play musical songs)
     * Recording: Record customers’ music on the piano 
digital piano 88 keys Connectors
  • * DC In jack
  • * Pedal (Damper, Sostenuto *1, Soft *1)
  • * Pedal2 (Damper)jacks
  • * Output (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
  • * USB Computer port: USB B type
  • * Phones jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type


  • * Package Dimensions: 1,525(W) x 660 (D) x 425 (H) mm
  • * Weight:22 kg (Piano), 14 kg (Stand unit)
  • * Included Accessories: Owner's Manual, AC Adaptor, Power Cord, Music Rack.


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