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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380
Aurzart AZ-ED380 Electronic Drums
Aurzart AZ-ED380soundmodule
Aurzart Electronic Drums 9 Piece All Mesh Head
AurzartAZ-ED380Electronic Drumsconfiguration

Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 9 Piece All Mesh Head

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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380: Unleash Your Musical Potential


Are you a passionate drummer looking to take your music to the next level? Look no further than the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380.

This exceptional drum kit is designed to provide you with an unparalleled playing experience, allowing you to express your creativity and passion for music in new and exciting ways. With its cutting-edge features and high-quality craftsmanship, the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 is a must-have for any aspiring or professional drummer.

Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380: A Closer Look

The Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 is packed with innovative features that set it apart from other drum kits on the market. Let's dive deeper into the key components of this remarkable instrument.

1. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [3 X 8"Mesh Tom(with rim)]

The 3 X 8"Mesh Tom(with rim) pads deliver a realistic drumming experience. The mesh heads offer a natural feel and response, providing drummers with the sensitivity and dynamic range they need to express themselves fully. Whether you're practicing at home or performing on stage, these tom pads will exceed your expectations.

2. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [10" Mesh Snare(layered rims)]

The 10" Mesh Snare(layered rims) pad is the heart and soul of any drum kit, and the Aurzart AZ-ED380 doesn't disappoint. This high-quality snare pad is incredibly responsive, allowing you to execute intricate snare patterns with precision. The layered rims add depth and versatility to your playing, giving you endless possibilities for creativity.

3. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [2 X 12" Crash Cymbal(with edge & choke)]

The 2 X 12" Crash Cymbal(with edge & choke) pads deliver explosive crashes and shimmering accents. These cymbals respond to your every stroke, offering a lifelike playing experience. With the edge and choke functionalities, you can add subtle nuances to your performances, making each note truly your own.

4. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [12" Ride Cymbal(with edge & choke)]

The 12" Ride Cymbal(with edge & choke) pad is a standout component of the Aurzart AZ-ED380. This cymbal delivers a clear and articulate ride sound, perfect for jazz, rock, or any other genre you want to explore. The edge and choke capabilities allow you to control the decay and add accents, bringing your performances to life.

5. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [10" Hi-Hat Cymbal]

The 10" Hi-Hat Cymbal pad faithfully replicates the response of a traditional hi-hat. Whether you're playing tight, closed hi-hat sounds or open, splashy accents, this cymbal will provide you with the expressiveness and articulation you need. It's time to bring the groove to your drumming with the Aurzart AZ-ED380.

6. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [Hi-Hat Control Pedal]

The Hi-Hat Control Pedal is an essential component for drummers who crave realistic hi-hat control. This pedal allows you to seamlessly transition between open and closed hi-hat sounds, giving you the ability to execute complex patterns with ease. The Aurzart AZ-ED380 ensures that you have complete command over your drumming dynamics.

7. [Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380] [8" Mesh Kick]

The 8" Mesh Kick pad delivers a powerful and punchy bass drum sound. This pad is designed to withstand heavy playing while maintaining its durability. Whether you're playing soft or laying down heavy beats, the Aurzart AZ-ED380's mesh kick pad will provide the perfect low-end foundation for your drumming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 be used for live performances?

Absolutely! The Aurzart AZ-ED380 is an excellent choice for live performances. Its realistic feel, responsive pads, and versatile cymbals make it ideal for drummers who want to take their skills to the stage. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, you can trust the AZ-ED380 to deliver night after night.

2. Can I connect the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 to a computer or music production software?

Yes, you can! The AZ-ED380 comes equipped with MIDI connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your computer or music production software. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for recording, composing, and producing music using your favorite digital audio workstations.

3. Is the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! While the AZ-ED380 is a fantastic choice for professional drummers, it's also beginner-friendly. The electronic drum kit provides a quieter practice option compared to acoustic drums, making it an excellent choice for drummers who live in apartments or shared spaces. Additionally, the AZ-ED380 offers built-in coaching functions and practice tools to help beginners develop their skills effectively.

4. Can I expand the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 with additional pads or cymbals?

Certainly! The AZ-ED380 is designed to be expandable. You can add extra pads or cymbals to enhance your drumming experience and cater to your specific playing style. With the ability to customize your kit, you'll have endless possibilities for creating the drum setup of your dreams.

5. Does the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. Aurzart offers a comprehensive warranty for the AZ-ED380 to provide you with peace of mind. The details of the warranty may vary, so it's essential to consult the manufacturer's website or reach out to their customer support for specific information.

6. How does the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 compare to acoustic drums?

The Aurzart AZ-ED380 offers several advantages over acoustic drums. Firstly, it provides a more compact and space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality. Secondly, electronic drums offer the convenience of adjustable volume levels, allowing you to practice silently with headphones or amplify your performance. Lastly, the AZ-ED380 offers a wide range of sound options and effects that would require a vast collection of acoustic drums and cymbals.


The Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED380 is a game-changer for drummers of all levels. Its exceptional features, realistic feel, and versatile sound options make it a top choice in the electronic drumming world. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the drums or a professional seeking a reliable and expressive instrument, the AZ-ED380 has everything you need to unlock your musical potential. Experience the future of drumming with the Aurzart



3 X 8"Mesh Tom(with rim), 10" Mesh Snare(layered rims), 2 X 12" Crash Cymbal(with edge & choke), 12" Ride Cymbal(with edge &
choke),10" Hi-Hat Cymbal, Hi-Hat Control Pedal, 8" Mesh Kick

Sound Module






Drum Kit

20 Preset Kits and 20 User Kits


40 Songs,Drum Mute

Sound Effect

Reverb,Compressor,Equalizer with Professional DSP Processor


4-Band Equalizer


On/Off,Tempo,Volume,Voice,Time Signature,TapTempo

Setup Menu

Back Volume, Play Mode, Auto PowerOff, Local, Advance(Sensitivity,Headroom, PeakDecay, Sensetime, Trigger Curve, AutoCrosstalk,
MIDI Note Send, RimVelocity, Pedal, SnareRimSplitPoint),Compressor, Equalizer, Reset

Pad Edit

Voice,Volume,Pan,Pitch,FX Send


15 Songs


Back-light LCD, 2 Row X 16 Characters


12V,1A DC


Headphone(1/4“),Line In(1/4“), Line Out(1/4“),USB, Power, External TriggerX2(1/4“), TriggerConnectorSocket


Pad configuration

3 X 8"Mesh Tom(with rim),
10" Mesh Snare(layered rims),
2 X 12" Crash Cymbal(with edge & choke),
12" Ride Cymbal(with edge & choke),
10" Hi-Hat Cymbal,
Hi-Hat Control Pedal,
8" Mesh Kick

Hardware package

  • Drum Rack
  • 4 arms for cymbals and crash
  • Hi-Hat pedal
  • 4 clamps for drum pad
  • Kick drum with iron stand
  • Drum module clamps