Is there a Warranty on Digital Piano/Drums

All our Digital Pianos & Digital Drums have 1 - 3 Year warranty as per your model. However, you have to pay additional amount (depending on the model) to avail extended warranty. 

Do Aurzart Piano/Drums have certification ?

Yes,we have CE, FCC, CCC certification. We always concentrate on quality control to ensure excellent quality. Each Pianos/Drums are checked four times by different QC.

Why so low at cost compared to others

Aurzart doesn't encourage any middle man like distributors and dealers, it straight goes to the customer directly on factory price. We always keep our production line larger to reduce the cost of Aurzart products.

Is Aurzart an Indian Brand/Company

Yes, Aurzart is a Indian Brand. However, all Aurzart Musical instruments are hand crafted and manufactured in USA, Germany, Japan, China and assembled in India. We also export our products.

Should I be worried about catching coronavirus from Aurzart packages originating in China or any other Country ?

Based on currently available information, the WHO (World Health Organisation) and other leading public health organizations, does not recommend any restriction of trade to and from China. There is currently no evidence to show that the virus can be transmitted via packages from China or any other country . If you would like to learn more, please go to https://www.who.int

We will, of course, be monitoring these guidelines closely and will update our policy as and when required.

What is the lead time for delivery

If we have stock, it can be delivered within 7 days. If no stock, around 20-40 days, after payment.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Yes, We have 10 days return policy. Check our Return and Refund Policy under Shipping tab 

Have a question for us ?

Write to us hello@aurzart.com or call 7338457777

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