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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000
Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED 2000
Aurzart EDrums AZ-ED2000
Aurzart AZ-ED2000 Drums
Aurzart Electronic Drums
Aurzart AZ-ED2000topMeshhead
Aurzart Electronic Drums with Tom Snare and floortom
Aurzart AZ-ED2000 13inchhihatwithstand
Aurzart ED200018inchrubbercymbals

Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000 9 Piece All Mesh Head

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Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000 9 Piece All Mesh Head

An Overview of Aurzart AZ-ED200 E-Drums

When it comes to playing the drums, both beginners and experienced drummers seek instruments that provide an authentic playing experience, as a result it gives versatility, and convenience.

Electronic drums have gained popularity due to their ability to replicate the sound and feel of acoustic drums Therefore, as a result,while offering addition Therefore, as a result,al features and benefits. In this article, we will explore the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000, a 9-piece drum set with all mesh heads that provides a remarkable drumming experience.

The Benefits of Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000

Electronic drums have revolutionized the way drummers practice, perform, and record music. They offer several advantages over traditional acoustic drums, including:

  • Versatility: Electronic drums provide a wide range of drum and percussion sounds, allowing drummers to explore various genres and styles.
  • Volume control: With electronic drums, you can adjust the volume levels or use headphones for silent practice sessions.
  • Portability: Electronic drum kits are often lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and set up in different locations.
  • Customization: Electronic drums offer numerous options for sound customization, enabling drummers to create their preferred drum kit setups and effects.
  • Recording capabilities: Many electronic drum sets come with built-in recording features, making it convenient to capture and produce music directly from the kit.

Introducing the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000

The Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000 is a top-of-the-line drum set that combines advanced technology with exceptional build quality. Therefore, as a result, designed for both beginners and professionals, this 9-piece drum kit offers an immersive drumming experience that rivals traditional acoustic drums.

Key Features AZ-ED2000 E-drums

The AZ-ED2000 boasts an array of features that enhance performance and creativity. Let's delve into some of its key features:

1. Mesh Head Technology for Realistic Feel E-drums

The drum pads of the AZ-ED2000 are equipped with mesh heads, which closely replicate the feel and response of traditional drumheads. The mesh heads provide a natural rebound and sensitivity, allowing drummers to execute intricate techniques and express themselves with ease.

2. Multiple Drum Pads and Cymbals

With nine drum pads and cymbals, the AZ-ED2000 offers a comprehensive drumming setup. It includes three tom pads, a snare pad, a kick pad, three cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash, and ride), and a hi-hat control pedal. The extensive pad configuration enables drummers to perform complex drum patterns and execute various drumming techniques.

3. Extensive Sound Library and Customization Options

The AZ-ED2000 features a built-in sound module that provides a wide selection of high-quality drum and percussion sounds. From classic acoustic drum kits to electronic and experimental sounds, drummers can explore a vast range of tones

3. Extensive Sound Library and Customization Options

The AZ-ED2000 features a built-in sound module that provides a wide selection of high-quality drum and percussion sounds. From classic acoustic drum kits to electronic and experimental sounds, drummers can explore a vast range of tones. Therefore, as a result, additionally, the drum set allows for easy customization of the sound parameters, that is to say including tuning, muffling, and effects. This versatility enables drummers to tailor the sound to their preferences and adapt to different musical styles.

4. Built-In Coaching and Learning Tools

For beginners or those looking to improve their skills, the AZ-ED2000 offers built-in coaching and learning tools. These features include metronome functions, timing exercises, play-along tracks, and practice modes. The coaching tools help drummers develop their sense of timing, accuracy, and rhythm, making practice sessions more effective and engaging.

5. Connectivity and Recording Capabilities

The AZ-ED2000 comes equipped with various connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with external devices and software. Drummers can connect the drum set to amplifiers, headphones, or PA systems for live performances or private practice. The MIDI connectivity enables connection to computers and music production software for recording and composing music. With the AZ-ED2000, drummers can unleash their creativity and easily capture their drumming performances.

6. Durability and Portability

Constructed with durability in mind, the AZ-ED2000 is built to withstand the rigors of regular drumming sessions. The drum pads and cymbals feature high-quality materials that can endure repeated strikes without compromising performance. Despite its robust build, the drum set remains lightweight and portable, making it ideal for drummers who need to transport their instrument for gigs, rehearsals, or studio sessions.

Comparison with Traditional Acoustic Drums

While electronic drums offer numerous advantages, it's essential to consider how they compare to traditional acoustic drums.

Traditional drums provide a unique and organic feel, resonating with rich harmonics and nuances that electronic drums strive to replicate. However, electronic drums excel in terms of versatility, sound customization, volume control, and recording capabilities. The AZ-ED2000 bridges the gap between the two worlds by offering realistic mesh heads and a sound module that emulates the acoustic drum experience.

User Reviews and Feedback

Drummers who have had the opportunity to play the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000 have praised its exceptional quality, realistic feel, and extensive features. Many users have expressed satisfaction with the mesh heads' responsiveness and the wide range of sound options available. The built-in coaching tools and recording capabilities have also received positive feedback, as they contribute to a more immersive and productive drumming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I connect the AZ-ED2000 to my computer for recording purposes?

    • Yes, the AZ-ED2000 can be easily connected to a computer using MIDI connectivity for recording and music production.
  2. Is it possible to expand the drum set with additional pads or cymbals?

    • Yes, the AZ-ED2000 offers expandability options, allowing drummers to add extra drum pads or cymbals to their setup as desired.
  3. Are the drum pads sensitive to different playing dynamics?

    • Absolutely! The mesh heads on the drum pads are designed to be highly responsive, capturing subtle playing dynamics and nuances.
  4. Can I use my own headphones with the AZ-ED2000 for private practice?

    • Yes, you can connect your headphones to the drum set's headphone output for silent practice sessions.
  5. Is the AZ-ED2000 suitable for both beginners and experienced drummers?

Configuration of the Aurzart Electronic Drums AZ-ED2000

  • 10" Acoustic Mesh Tom (with rim)
  • 12" Acoustic Mesh Tom (with rim)
  • 14" Acoustic Mesh Floor Tom (with rim)
  • 13" Acoustic Mesh Snare (layered rims)
  • 2 x 15" Full Rubber Crash Cymbal (with edge & choke)
  • 18" Full Rubber Ride Cymbal (with edge, bell & choke)
  • 13" Hi-Hat with Stand (with edge & choke)
  • 20" Acoustic Mesh Kick

This configuration :

We offers a comprehensive drumming experience with a variety of drum pads and cymbals. The acoustic mesh heads provide a realistic feel and response, allowing drummers to express themselves with precision and authenticity. The inclusion of rimmed tom pads enhances the versatility of the drum set, enabling drummers to explore different playing techniques and create dynamic drumming patterns.

The snare drum features layered rims, enhancing its sound projection and offering a wide range of tonal possibilities. The crash cymbals, with their rubber construction and edge and choke functionalities, deliver impactful and expressive crash sounds. The ride cymbal, equipped with edge, bell, and choke features, provides a versatile surface for various playing styles, including riding, crashing, and bell accents.

The hi-hat cymbal, complete with edge and choke capabilities, allows drummers to produce realistic and nuanced open and closed hi-hat sounds. Finally, the 20" acoustic mesh kick drum provides a solid and punchy bass drum sound, serving as the foundation of the drum set's rhythm.

With this configuration, drummers can enjoy a comprehensive drumming experience that combines the realistic feel of acoustic drums with the added benefits and features of electronic drums.



10" Acoustic Mesh Tom (with rim), 12" Acoustic Mesh Tom (with rim), 14" Acoustic Mesh Floor Tom (with rim),13" Acoustic Mesh Snare
(layered rims),2 X 15" Full Rubber Crash Cymbal(with edge & choke), 18" Full Rubber Ride Cymbal(with edge, bell & choke),13"
Hi-Hat with Stand (with edge & choke), 20" Acoustic Mesh Kick

Sound Module






Drum Kit

40 Preset Kits and 40 User Kits


70 Songs, Drum Mute, Accomp Mute

Sound Effect

Compressor (master/headphone/per drum pad), Equalizer
(master/headphone/per drum pad), Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, 23 presets with adjustable FX level and FX time


4-Band Virtual Master/Headphone Equalizer + 3-Band Virtual Drum
Pad Equalizer


On/Off, Tempo, Sound, Time Signature, Tap Tempo, Assignable

Setup Menu

Back Volume, Channel Mute, Play Mode, Metronome, Advance (Sensitivity, Headroom, Sense time, Peak Decay, Trigger Curve,
Autocross talk, MIDI Note Send, Rim Velocity, Head/Rim Modifier, Pedal, Snare Rim Split Point…), Compressor, Equalizer, Direct Out,
User Sample, Auto Power off, Night Mode, Language, Reset

Pad Edit

Voice, Volume, Pan, Pitch, FX Send, FX Preset, FX Level, FX Time, Rename

User Sample

100 files, 335MB


15 songs


3.2” TFT LCD Display


12V,2A DC


Headphone (1/4”,1/8”), Line In(1/8”), Line Out(L/R)(1/4”), Direct OutX8(1/4”), USB MIDI, USB Memory, Power, External
TriggerX2(1/4“), Trigger Connector Socket


Pad configuration

20" x 16" Kick drum pad
13" x 5.5" Two-zone snare pad
10" x 06" Two-zone tom pad
12" x 06" Two-zone tom pad
14" x 14" Two-zone tom pad
13" Two-zone hi-hat pad with controller
2x 15" Two-zone crash pad with choke function
18" Three-zone ride pad with choke function

Hardware package

3 Boom cymbal stands
Hi-Hat pedal
Snare stand
Kick drum pedal
Double tom stand
Drum module stand